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The short bus for superheroes!

Sometimes in life we get lost. We become too far gone and caught up in saving everyone but ourselves. We are strong, reliable vehicles for everyone except us. We make the impossible possible and the overwhelming obstacle a walk in the park for the ones we love. How about loving yourself. So much so that you realize that your super powers can only be activated for someone in need and not for your own hopes, dreams, and desires. I am writing this to expose your kryptonite. Its called co-dependency. You don’t know where you end and they begin. Sitting their idly waiting patiently for them to call so you can feel that rush you get when you know it was ‘all because of you’. YOU ARE the ultimate sacrificer giving up all in THE NAME of SOME PRAISE. YOU ARE their strength, you know the one everyone counts on to be THAT ROCK so they can get some more rest. You struggle day-to-day trying to figure out who will be your next ‘project’ to work on. Your advice is ALWAYS THE BEST you are what they call THE PROBLEM SOLVER. Everyone wants you to do everything because you do it like NOONE ELSE CAN DO IT. My question to you is who are you without them? Reclaim your purpose superhero.YOU allow yourself to be HINDERed because you thrive off of others happiness AND OPPRESS the fact that YOU’RE NOT HAPPY at all. In fact, with this lifestyle you’ll be the first to go. Unlike a comic you are not immortal superhero. You have a heart, brain, hunger and pains, and you’re getting older as we SPEAK superhero. I don’t know any superhero who is their OWN nemesis constantly FIGHTing themselves until one day you’ll LOOK UP and your life with be over and never even lived. You only GET one LIFE superhero. I think today would be a good day to DIE SUPERHERO AND GET REAL!


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