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Too Good To Be True

I am so fine! Everywhere I go I get mens mouths salivating as if they were inhaling the aroma arising from their favorite dish. With tight eyes and a closed fist covering their lips they shout out taunts to me like, “Day-yum! You look gooood ” or “Can I be your baby daddy?” A mêlée begins to break out (they’re talking about beating up some-body) when they catch a glimpse of this bodacious booty. It’s a beauty. Plus, I’m pretty in the face and thin in the waist. I’ve dated all kinds of men from doctors and lawyers to professional sports athletes and entertainers. I’m what they call a ‘dime’. That means a 10 on a scale of one to ten, ten being the highest. I have been spoiled with all kinds of gifts from cars to condos. That’s right. So you know what I got to be working with. I stay fit at the gym. Yes, I gets it in. I don’t have an indication of any indentations on these thick thighs. Flawless! When I walk some mistake it for a trot because I’m built like a stallion. All women hate my presence because their prospective husbands catch a cramp in their necks trying to keep up with me. I’m like an exotic flower bud that they’d love to watch come into full bloom. They need to get over it because I don’t want them fools! They aint got no money honey. I can sniff out limited funds like a credit card charge. Declined! It just comes with years of experience and ,of course, experience is the best teacher. That reminds me… I have an IQ of 119. The average persons is 100 and nothing is average about me… except my shoe size. Child please! You’ll never come across another woman quite like I. Hi, my name is Unique and I’m an addict.

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