Rain, Rain, Go Away?

26 Feb

 PLEASE!!! Quit trying to rain on my parade. I get so fed up with all the negativity. All this negative energy literally sucks the life out of me! You’re like a leech. You latch on to all the beauty I am displaying with my rays of hope and sunshine smile, that’s so blinged out it would take the Rap world by storm. The time is at hand for you to come over and prove me wrong and make me look… not so bright. You hastily make your way over with your weary walk wielding your umbrella of  despair desperately trying to change the atmosphere. The weather today called for no clouds but now… Now you want to engage me in a lacks-a-daisy conversation to no avail! At first, I try to ignore you by not making eye contact but I notice you not noticing me not noticing you by your commitment to continue on your Pursuit of unHappyness. ” Omg! What a bummer!”, I say to you in a loud voice on the inside of me because I don’t want to be too harsh. Your mouth opens and regurgitates depressing thoughts of failure. The stench makes my ears wanna hurl! Now that you willingly have my attention I suggest that you be more positive. To change your attitude to help change the situation. With down trodden eyebrows and similar head shake you tell me how you have already tried that method and it doesn’t work. In the back of my mind I’m thinking “I have to cancel my subscription to that magazine Changing Times that quotes ‘An optimist is a driver who thinks that empty space by the curb won’t have a fire hydrant beside it’.” After a good 30 minutes of a vicious tongue-lashing and some private thoughts that I say out loud inside of myself I feel like I’ve endured a natural disaster. Internally assaulted by Hurricane Hugo! He is the only one I can think of besides Katrina. (It would be totally inappropriate to use her because I’m a heterosexual female and a hurricane is water so it totally fits my theme). I said all of that to say this. Where there is sunshine there is rain. Never stop planting the seed no matter how exhausting it can be. All seed will not land on fertile ground. However; under the right weather conditions anything is possible. A plant can’t grow without water and plenty of sunshine. Isn’t that awful?!


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2 responses to “Rain, Rain, Go Away?

  1. nesha

    March 18, 2011 at 6:30 pm

    Wow, very well said. I dislike poeple like that. People that hate on others hopes and dreams. Hell If you had some hopes and dreams of your own, then you wouldn’t have time to be worried about me and mine. I get so tired of people around the way signing there woulda shoulda couldas and feeling sorry for themselves. Why not try to lift up and encourage our brothers and sisters instead of putting them down all the time. It’s time for a change!

    Awesome post !

    • btold

      April 2, 2011 at 9:50 am

      I appreciate it Nesha and yes it is!


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